Tahi Shoes is located in Colombia since 2014, where all of our handmade shoes are designed and fabricated one by one having in mind that each pair of shoe is a work of art. Tahi Shoes was founded in 2014 by two Colombian  sisters seeking for a diverse style in handmade shoes. They unified their different intellectuals, one as a graphic designer and the other as a fashion designer , to create a line of shoes that be as exclusive and unique as possible . They made their ideas come true by opting for mixing and matching textiles and prints in various and exceptional ways. Striking for the ideal balance between modern design and craftsmanship, these two sisters created a trendy wearable line of shoes that would complement, give color and life to a simple outfit. Each shoe they design expresses a feeling all by its own, each pair of shoe is created as a genuine work of art for the women that seeks to fin fashion on their feet.


Spark your fashion side with our unique handmade shoe collection. Tahi Shoes offers a different option for the chic trendy women who wants to feel comfortable and highlight her outfit with fun and colorful styles. Tahi Shoes are a true wardrobe essential for the women of today. We use high quality textiles such as brocades ,linens , satins velvets among others that grant the shoe a touch of elegance and uniqueness. Each pair of shoe expresses a feeling and a lifestyle.